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— Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you for your interest in the Robert O. & Annamae Orr Family Foundation

We provide funding for an array of programs each year. While programs oriented toward education, human services, health and cultural pursuits have typically been the focus of the Foundation, many times we will consider other innovative programs that will improve the quality of life in our community.  As a caring and compassionate private foundation, we feel the business of philanthropy and good deeds for our community are needed every day... in every way.

The Foundation's Board of Trustees are: Karen Thompson, Mary Stark, Karen Stevens, and Kate Baker.  The Board will continue its hands on approach to grant making and being an integral part of our community.  We are committed to furthering the good works of community-based organizations that make a positive impact on our community; as we continue our mission to create meaningful change in our community we care deeply about.

Since 1998, The Robert O. & Annamae Orr Family Foundation has provided grants to over 350 deserving organizations; distributing more than 6.2 million dollars in grant money in Summit and Stark Counties.

Foundation History

Robert and Annamae Orr

Robert and Annamae Orr

The Orr Family Foundation’s guiding principles and policies are dedicated to reflecting the character and beliefs of Bob and Anname Orr.  The Foundation’s resources provide funding for important programs designed to help the needy individuals, families and organizations of our community; and guiding the Foundation’s work toward creating positive outcomes for future generations.


Robert O. Orr (1919-2004) was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado; however, the family relocated to Akron, Ohio when Bob was a young boy.

Bob’s father, Owen Orr, founded Motor Cargo in 1938 in Akron.  Through the years,  Owen and Bob owned various other businesses in the trucking and tire industries.

After serving overseas in the United States Army during World War II, Bob returned to Akron and became actively involved in the family business.  After Owen’s retirement, Bob served as president until Motor Cargo became Consolidated Freightways.


Annamae Gifford (1921-1996) was born and raised in Akron, Ohio.

After Bob and Annamae met in high school, they were inseparable.  Married and living in Akron, Bob and Annamae became very involved in the community.

After the death of his loving wife, Bob Orr wished to “give back” to the community that they had loved by establishing a foundation to serve the communities within Stark and Summit Counties.

 On August 13, 1998, the initial meeting of the Robert O. & Annamae Orr Family Foundation was held in Akron, Ohio. Founding trustees included Bob Orr, Bruce Buchholzer, Philip Murray, and Michael Stark.

Apply to the Orr Family Foundation

Generally, grants are confined to organizations located in Summit and Stark Counties, Ohio, which have received tax exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. A copy of the Internal Revenue Service ruling granting tax exemption status under Section 501(c)3 must be provided.

The Foundation will not provide funding for: contributions to individuals; ads in programs; door prizes/raffle tickets; organizations that discriminate because of age, race, creed, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, ethnicity or national origin; to pay off deficits or pre-existing debt; for routine operating expenses.

Grant requests may be submitted at any time throughout the year; however, the Board meets and reviews grants requests six times a year.


  • Grant requests from organizations and programs outside Summit County and Stark County(Ohio) will not be considered for funding.
  • All grant recipients must be a qualified tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.
  • Grants are generally not approved for general operating expenses, capital campaigns and projects, or deficit/debt reduction.
  • The Foundation does not make grants to individuals.
  • If a grantee's exempt status changes, the Foundation reserves the right to have all remaining grant funds immediately returned


Upon completion of the online application, you will receive an automatic response advising the application has been received.  We require supporting documents to be provided, via email or U.S. mail, within ten (10) days from the submission of the grant application.  Supporting documents must include the program/project's budget, board of directors, and your organization's IRS determination letter.  Without the supporting documentation, the grant application will not be reviewed.

The Foundation will accept only grant applications submitted electronically.




The 2018 grant cycle will end November 1, 2018


This electronic grant application must be submitted;  we will not consider applications submitted by mail.

The Foundation will send an electronic acknowledgement when the grant application is received; and will request a copy of your supporting documents, which includes: organization's IRS tax exemption letter, current Board of Directors and/or Trustees, and program/project budget.  Documents should be mailed or emailed to the Foundation within ten (10) of the acknowledgement email.  Without this information, your grant application will not be reviewed.

Grant applications are generally considered by the Board within sixty days of receipt.   You will be contacted should we require additional information in order to review your request.  At times, a site visit may be scheduled as needed.  Grant recipients must have the ability and willingness to measure and report results when requested.



Karen Thompson, Executive Director

The Robert O. & Annamae Orr Family Foundation

485-32 Concord Downs Path

Aurora, OH 44202

or email:


All requested information and supplemental information should be mailed to the above address.  .